PACIFIC SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL Research and Consultancy, Inc. (PSEnvi) was formed in July 2001 by a group of environmental professionals coming from the various fields of science and engineering. The members of the group initially met years ago at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Most have been involved in environmental engineering research and consultancy projects undertaken for various industrial companies and government institutions working as project managers or technical associates. The members have acquired vast experience on various environmental undertakings through environmental research, treatment process design and assessment, waste management, environmental sampling and monitoring, cleaner production and, environmental impact and risk assessments.

Environmental problems are often addressed by combining various aspects of natural science, engineering, economics, social science and law.  Our company offers a wide spectrum of professional expertise committed to promote environmental protection with the vision of sustainable development in mind.

The company is fueled by its dedication to provide the highest quality and excellence of service to its clients without compromising integrity in all its dealings.



You can make small changes in your life to help the environment, experts say. Here are some suggestions from the Climate Project:

 Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent models.
Walk, bike, car pool or take public transportation more often.
Recycle household waste.
Check your tires and keep them properly inflated to improve gas mileage.
Use less hot water by installing a low-flow shower head and washing your clothes in cold or warm water.
Avoid products with unnecessary packaging.
Adjust your thermostat.
Plant a tree, which will absorb carbon dioxide.
Turn off electronics when you're not using them.
Use less water, especially less hot water.

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